All in a day’s work

Because your work requires a focus on transit-oriented development projects along the light-rail line and it’s a gorgeous day made fresh with spring showers.
Because two heads are better than one and you invite a friend along for an eastbound ride to see what’s happening along the route.
Because near the end of the line in Mesa is a local gem that serves delicious empanadas and maduros and you had promised your friend a treat.
Because you hear a rooster and behind the restaurant there is an urban garden in bloom that is dotted with art and wrapped in walls with murals.
And you stroll, breathe deeply and smile at the bounty in several family plots and the promise of success planted in others. (But you wish you listened to your daughter’s haranguing about getting a new cellphone so you could take better photos. The 4s hasn’t been the same since it was dropped in water.)
And you’re happy.
It’s all research, of course. A working girl has to do what she has to do.