Editor. Writer. Thinker. Doer. For nonprofits, businesses and policymakers, this means unique expertise in strategic planning and communication projects and excellent writing and editing skills for commentary, annual reports, policy primers, news releases, speeches and web content.


JDD Specialties helps clients produce content that leaves lasting impressions. Jennifer spent the last third of her journalism career primarily helping others get their points across in the opinions sections of a major metropolitan newspaper. She coordinated the work of writers, copy editors and page designers with stellar results. In 2014, Rick Konopka of The Arizona Republic received the Arizona Press Club’s Designer of the Year Award. Four of his five contest entries were Viewpoints cover pages. (See below.)



Award-winning writing skills are at the core of JDD Specialties. During her journalism career, Jennifer received state and regional honors (Arizona Press Club, Arizona Associated Press Managing Editors, Best of the West) on a variety of topics — a suburban gang, alcoholism, air quality. High-level writing continues on her blog and through special projects. Clients can tap the skills of a wordsmith.



Every project benefits from honest, rigorous discussion. The more questions asked and answered, the better the odds for a productive result. JDD Specialties is built on a foundation of decades of practiced inquiry, particularly about issues important to the body politic — local, state and national. It can strengthen clients’ strategic planning and communications on central missions or special projects. A conversation on raceRead article


Writing, editing, analysis, communications project management. JDD Specialties has the tools for these tasks. Its founder also has the demeanor and work ethic to boost any project’s chance of success. Those skills and attributes were on display weekly in the Arizona Republic’s Viewpoints centerpieces. (See examples below).

There are things that should be said. There are people and institutions who should be heard. Put JDD Specialties on your team and let’s get things done. A message sent through the Contact page of this website will get a quick response.