Breaking a sweat with gym dumbbells

A dumbbell spoke at my morning workout at the gym.

A young personal trainer dispensed all sorts of social and business advice to his young client during warm-up on the elliptical. The trainer looks like a short, buff Ken doll. The equally buff client is, shall we say, swarthy. Dark and handsome.

Their conversation about women and business is what you might hear at a young bucks’ happy hour or the 19th hole or maybe the break room near the executive suites. Ken doll is schooling Dark-and-handsome on the dangers of having a serious relationship while trying to be a successful entrepreneur. There’s no time for the kind of commitment a girlfriend wants when you’re trying to get ahead, he said.

That may be so, Dark-and-handsome said, but what if you’re thinking down the road? You know, about kids? You don’t want to take shortcuts when you’re thinking along those lines. You don’t want some random chick, he said.

After more banter about the dangers of women and business, Dark-and-handsome reveals a pet peeve. What he can’t stand is a woman who lives large off a successful man’s hard work and think she’s all that. “I just want to tell her, ‘Without his money, you’d be back in the ‘hood’.”

“I know,” Ken doll said. “They think they’re entitled.”

“You’re entitled,” Dark-and-handsome said in a sudden and unexpected shift in dialogue.

“I’m not entitled,” Ken doll said. “I worked for everything I’ve got.”

“You’re entitled,” Dark-and-handsome repeats.

Ken doll took a few seconds to make an executive decision on client relations. Press his point or bite his tongue.

“OK, let’s head over to free weights.”

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay.)