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Marie Lopez Rogers

“Jennifer has always been fair and thought-provoking during interviews. She asks the right questions about issues critical to moving communities and organizations forward. Her work on The Arizona Republic editorial board proved she is a gifted writer and editor.”


Marie Lopez Rogers
former mayor of Avondale, past president of the National League of Cities and former member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Phil Boas

“Big jobs are not conferred lightly. For two decades, Jennifer Dokes helped shape and express the institutional voice of The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper.  Jennifer is a thoughtful observer of events and an elegant writer, but what really won the admiration of her colleagues is a moral compass that points true north. There’s a reason The Arizona Republic entrusted her with this large role for so many years. She brought competence and conscience to the Editorial Board, a decency that made our newspaper better.”

Phil Boas quote



Phil Boas
Editorial page editor, Arizona Republic

Gene D’Adamo

“I had the privilege of working with Jennifer Dokes for 28 years at The Arizona Republic. In my role as vice president of community relations, it was a joy to work with Jennifer on community issues and initiatives, from child abuse and domestic violence to drowning prevention and civic engagement. She has the very unique ability to take in an inordinate amount of information, process it through an objective lens and clearly articulate the real story.”


Gene D’Adamo
President and CEO, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Grand Ave: Old is new again

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.10.53 PM

Grand Avenue (U.S. 60 on the map) has challenges and potential so large it shouldn’t be ignored. It deserves more attention than it gets and probably more public resources than are available. A recent Republic article describes its current condition. An editorial I wrote in 2012 (below) has some of the hopeful attitude I still hold for it today.

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