Phoenix innovation district strategy in the works

The city of Phoenix has contracted with Mary Jo Waits & Associates to facilitate the work of the Innovation District Steering Committee, a group of forward-thinking business and civic leaders, and to develop a strategic plan to drive innovation and further invigorate the downtown area. JDD Specialties is thrilled to be a subcontractor on the year-long project.

Waits is a thinker/doer extraordinaire. She was the principal consultant for some of the most notable studies and effective strategic plans at the state and local levels, including “Five Shoes Waiting to Drop on Arizona’s Future,” “Which Way Scottsdale?” and “Downtown Phoenix: A Strategic Vision and Blueprint for the Future.”

Venture capitalists are taking note of the entrepreneurial vibe growing in Phoenix. What can be done to spur innovation?

The Phoenix City Council approved the consultant’s contract on Oct. 5, giving Mary Jo Waits & Associates the task of writing a “comprehensive plan to designate, promote and guide a geographic area where research-oriented anchor institutions, high-growth companies, and creative and tech startups can cluster to maximize innovation and employment potential.”

(Illustration courtesy of Pixabay.)